You may have seen them in the movies, but now it's time to get up close and personal at one of our venues, as you can get in the driving seat and pilot one of these amazing machines! 

Hoverlimits offers attendees hovercraft experiences at selected venues across the UK, including training on both how to handle our craft and specifically how to extract the most enjoyment from the experiences, courtesy of our experienced instructors and testing circuits.

The Hoverlimits team are on hand throughout your experience to ensure that you receive a fun, challenging and ultimately, safe hovercraft experience to remember for a very long time.  Or at least until you book your next visit as many of our customers want to keep coming back to enjoy the thrill of the endorphin-releasing experience again and again!

Described as hovercraft ‘flying’ by many, you’ll be pleased to know you don’t physically leave the ground per se in one of our hovercraft, however you do part company with terra firma as our hovercrafts are essentially air cushioned vehicles with a giant motorized fan attached, enabling the hovercraft to glide or hover inches off the surface beneath.

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