Snapper Hoverlimits use the very latest leisure hovercraft for experiences across our venues, namely the versatile, user-friendly and hugely popular 2016 Snapper craft. These specialist recreational craft are based on successful race-designed machines used to great effect over the past decade. Furthermore, the Marlin remains the only recreational hovercraft to have ever circumnavigated the English Channel, and made the return journey! In itself, no mean feat. And remember, the Marines use this piece of hardware, so if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!


Once you've proved you've mastered the controls of our Marlin II Hovercrafts in our training section, attendees are guaranteed to experience sideways sliding as you weave and manoeuvre around our bespoke-designed grass circuit.  With instructors on hand throughout your experience, you’ll familiarize and adapt to the way in which these agile and responsive hovercraft react to the human touch, and where judgment, forward thinking and a sense of balance will stand you in good stead from the outset.


Our hovercraft experience attendees unanimously agree that nothing compares to the exhilarating thrill experienced at the controls of one of our hovercrafts; as you skim across the grass surface of our specially designed circuits getting to grips with the most willful and challenging (yet infinitely fun and engaging) of our purpose-built, adrenalin-pumping hardware.

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